What are some of the benefits of Ancient Reiki INNER FIRE ?


☆ To connect the main chakras along the spine.
☆ To increase receptivity of Universal Energy during Meditation.
☆ To speed up the flow of the Kundalini Energy along the spine and out of the crown chakra.
☆ And many more things, including helping us to surrender totally to SOURCE ( the real spiritual goal )

Some health and wellness benefits of ongoing meditation include:

▪Improved physical and emotional responses to stress.
▪Enhanced feelings of inner peace, calm and relaxation during the day.
▪Reduced levels of cortisol, known as the “stress hormone”
▪Elevated mood with a reduction in anxiety and depression.
▪Reduced insomnia and improved sleep quality.
▪Improved digestion and a reduction in acid reflux.
▪Normalized blood pressure.
▪Lowered risk of heart attack and stroke
▪Improved memory and brain functions.

Enjoy the Many Benefits of Meditation with Mo Lyfe at VA WEST L.A. Campus

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"Health is the first wealth" -Ralph Waldo Emerson.
If you were given one car to last your entire life, would you make sure to change the oil regularly, get your tune ups, and do all maintenance necessary to extend the life of your car? Care for your body physically, nutritionally and spiritually! We only get one body-love it!!!!

♥️ MO